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Incomparable By Design.

I help businesses and organizations make powerful first impressions online.

Equal parts digital strategist and branding consultant, I collaborate with my clients to design compelling messaging, distinctive identities, and unforgettable websites.

Brand clarity for non-profits, start-ups, and artful businesses.

Strategic Clarity

Vision, meet how.

Too many businesses spend their entire focus on climbing the ladder as quickly as possible without taking the time to make sure its leaning against the right wall. "What" is downstream from "why" and "how". When it comes to strategy, we don't tell—we collaborate. No one knows your business like you. Together we develop a guiding strategy that will achieve your definition of success, whatever it is.

  • Brand Strategy to turn businesses into bonafide brands
  • Growth Strategy for brands who yearn for more
  • Design Thinking for new offerings, products, and campaigns

Visual Clarity

Where strategy comes to life.

Breathe life into your brand by designing tangible materials and immersive digital experiences. Each company has unique needs for branded elements such as print, display, digital, and environment. Regardless of what your strategy calls for, we use design to visually integrate your brand across each key touch point between your brand and your customers in a consistent and memorable way.

  • Fully Custom Websites to fascinate and delight
  • Original Brandmarks to differentiate your position
  • Colors and Typography to connect emotionally
  • Key Brand Touchpoints to make it seamless—business cards, correspondence materials, pitch decks, email templates, advertisements, press kits, & more

Verbal Clarity

Fitting big ideas onto the space of a napkin.

If the elevator doors are closing in front of you and you only have 5 seconds to explain why your company exists, what do you say? What's the one key point of your story that makes you different than everyone else? It may be what you do, how you do it, why you do it, or even who you are—we will find it, clarify it, focus it, and turn it into messaging that cuts through the noise.

  • Taglines to make them recognize
  • Positioning Statements to make them understand
  • Website Copy to immerse them in your story
  • Brand Naming to tie it all together

Typical Engagement Structure


Michael Thomas


"I’ve been working with Carter for several months and would absolutely recommend him to any entrepreneur or creative. It is rare for a consultant to take such genuine interest while exploring your goals, passion and intent. He is a true artist who understands how to turn vision into messaging and design. A very good investment.

Lynn Swanson

Non-profit Executive

"Working with Carter completely transformed our brand. I'm so proud of our new website and brand identity. It's the kind of website that people actually enjoy going to—fun to explore but easy to navigate. This process has been a game changer because so much relies on our ability to communicate with people online during COVID-19.”"

Francisco Gonzalez


"Carter did a fantastic job from start to finish. It was amazing how everything fit together at the end of the brand strategy workshop. I have enjoyed every step and have been impressed with his leadership throughout this process—and he made it fun!"

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