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8 Questions to Shape Your Day with Intention and Focus

Keeping a Productivity Journal can transform your worklife and save you so much time throughout the day. You can download a free template of my productivity journal at the bottom of this article.

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Solving Stubborn Problems

Stubborn, unmoving problems require flexible states of mind. Instead of simply working harder and harder until you throw your hands up in frustration and walk away, here are a few approaches that help me when I'm dealing with a problem that just won't behave.

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What is your Brand Promise?

At the heart of every unforgettable brand lies a sincere promise. Do you have a clear definition of what your promise is?

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Tutorial: How to Craft a Memorable and Honest Tagline for your Brand

An overview of the framework we use to help clients develop the perfect tagline for their brand.

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Branding Insights: What makes a great tagline?

A tagline is your brand's first chance to explain itself to a potential customer. If executed poorly, it very well may be the last chance you get.

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What 4 Months of Daily Meditation Taught Me About Brand Strategy

Why meditation and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin.

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The 1 Thing Every Effective Brand Has In Common

At the heart of every effective brand is singularity. What makes you different—not just from most, but from everyone?

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The Process: Why I Guarantee Inarguable Success to Clients

How can I always guarantee success on my clients' terms? The answer lies in my process, a bombproof framework that delivers brand-revolutionizing results every time.

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Don't Beat Your Competition... Eliminate Them

Positioning your brand smartly in the minds of your customers can reduce (or completely eliminate) all legitimate alternatives for them.

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Followers Can't (and Won't) Bring You Success

Whether on social media or elsewhere, we are all creatives. How often do you think about why you're creating, or whose eyes you're creating for?

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Take Control of Your Personal Name on Google

Seven surefire ways to own the frontpage of Google for your name, taken straight from my years of experience directing strategy for an SEO agency.

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Resources to Grow Your Creative Craft

Free resources I compiled for creatives of all types: musical artists, programmers, designers, writers, photographers, videographers, screenwriters—the lot!

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