A more thoughtful
approach to design

A more thoughtful approach to design

Design should create feelings of clarity and  delight. Looking pretty is simply not enough—it must drive user action. I use design thinking frameworks and a words-first approach to create brands + websites that sell, perform, and look great.

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Some things I'm
proud of

Some things I'm proud of

  • Personally designed and developed 20+ websites
  • Generated 1,000,000+ in organic traffic via SEO
  • Created pitch decks responsible for over $3.5 million in investment
  • My writing was archived by the US Library of Congress in 2019
currently based in beautiful Chattanooga, TN
(home of the world's fastest wi-fi + the world's nicest folks)
web design and brand design in chattanooga, tn
What matters
to me

What matters to me


I believe that the clarity of your intentions determine the quality of your outcomes. All things in life are created twice: once in the mind, and once in action. The clarity of the first creation will dictate the destiny of the second.


Simplicity is elegance, and elegance is beauty. It takes far more work and expertise to create something perfectly simple than something impressively complex. In today's saturated digital world, simple always beats clever.


It's not hard to deceive people. And it's even easier to deceive yourself. A life well-lived is a life spent seeking the honest trust and speaking it bravely.


Design makes things better. When design is done in the right way for the right reasons, it can be a true expression of love. I believe that love is the whole reason that life is worth living.